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Let’s see if this social networking thing really works as a network.

Starting some time next week, I’ll be heading westward to Miami and Wyandotte, Oklahoma: small towns that border Missouri. I’ll be spending a few weeks out that way photographing the bulk of my thesis project, Apple, building off of some photographs I took out there in April. I’m predominately interested in documenting Native American culture/indigenous identity in a modern context, especially what it means to identify as Native American when one is not full blood or presents as Caucasian. My tribe (the Eastern Shawnee) is holding its annual powwow at our ancestral dancing grounds September 14th-16th, which is the spark for this long road trip.

Along the way, however, I would like to begin shooting for another body of work surrounding the idea of the punk and DIY subculture. I’m interested in visually articulating the ways in which travel, companionship, ways of living, et cetera are varied from the ideals of the hegemony.

I would like to expand my trip to include KY, TN, NB, SD, WI, MI, IL, OH, MA, NY, PA and anywhere else that I can make kind of along the way that will have me. The dates will be between September 10th and September 24th. Bonus points if there are house shows happening while I’m in town. Basically what I’m asking for is a floor to sleep on while I’m there and folks who are willing to be interviewed and photographed by yours truly. I am a mean cook and can help around yr house if you’d like! These images will eventually end up in a group show some time this Winter, and in a book come Spring.

This is my last year at Stupid Fucking Art School and I’m trying to make it fun, and make it count. If you can help out, please message me or contact me via email:


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    amy’s cool, smart and talented and i identify with the thesis struggle. i did a project like this once and it didnt work...
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